The Novaera Company is active in the communication and commerce industry since 1993. Novaera offers personalized services and products and develops strategies of distribution and direct sales tailored to the consumer.

Cybertracks is the first Italian record label specializing in electronic music. Cybertracks offers fascinating atmospheres and engaging sound environments creating suggestive and original tracks. Today it manages a property made up of thousands of exclusively owned tracks, made over the course of 7 years by their musicians.
Thanks to the long direct experience gained in the music sector, Novaera now offers a valuable printing and duplication service of CD and DVD. DuplicaCD assists customers with the control of the masters, the realization of the graphics, the completion of the SIAE procedure, the packaging of the products and the transport directly on site.
Always attentive to market dynamics, Novaera has intercepted the renewed and growing interest in vinyl, offering a new printing service. DuplicaVinile brings to the analogic field all the quality and reliability gained in the digital field, offering the best alternatives for a perfect personalization of the vinyl.

Beside to record services, Novaera offers direct sales services through brands
Monorigine e Solomagia

Monorigine is a registered trademark that distribute for over 10 years in Italy and Europe Arabica coffee from a single plantation. This coffee is not subject to blending procedures like normal coffee on the market. Monorigine offers 22 different qualities of coffee, in beans and grinded, for both moka and espresso, selling to companies and privates.
Solomagia is a reality that in a few years has established itself in Europe becoming one of the main points of reference for the distribution and sale of magic products. The vast catalog and a warehouse with over 10,000 items ready for delivery meet the needs of beginners, amateurs and professionals.